McLaughlin & Associates conducted a national survey among 1,000 likely voters on January 11-12, 2011 to gauge voter attitudes toward important issues in the national debate that will shape policy decisions. The study’s major findings include:

· Although President Obama has improved his ratings, he still has significant negatives. Republicans have an advantage over Democrats for U.S. Congress, but many voters are once again undecided in their future choice for Congress in 2012.
· Economic issues, particularly those related to creating jobs and reducing unemployment, remain the top concern for voters.
· Voters favor cutting federal government spending to create jobs and reduce the deficit.
· In place of Obamacare, voters prefer more modest and incremental reforms to reduce health care costs.
· On the issue of education, voters favor more local control of public schools.
· Voters do not support granting amnesty or providing taxpayer funded benefits to illegal immigrants.

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