This bi-lingual national survey of 800 Hispanics was conducted from June 5th through June 16th, 2013. This survey was organized and funded by John Jordan, a Republican donor and activist.

  • Hispanic adults and voters strongly support immigration reform. Support for immigration reform is almost universal and fundamental.
  • More than four in five Hispanics, 86%, support immigration reform in the United States. Two-thirds, 64%, strongly support and only 8% oppose.

Nine in ten, 90%, support giving undocumented immigrants a way to become U.S. citizens. Two-thirds, 66% strongly support and only 8% Hispanic adults and registered voters give majority support to positions on border security, employment, legal status, enforcement and public assistance that would be supported by a majority of House Republicans.

Presentation on National Survey of Hispanic Adults
Memo on National Survey of Hispanic Adults

Topline of National Survey on Hispanic Adults

Crosstabs of National Survey of Hispanic Adults



Interview selection was within predetermined census units of Hispanic adults. 560 interviews were conducted via landline telephone by professional interviewers. To increase coverage, this landline sample was supplemented with 240 interviews, 30 %, conducted via internet of cellphone only users. 64% of all respondents use cell phones. 60% of all interviews were conducted in Spanish. 93% of all respondents speak at least some Spanish at home. These samples were then combined and structured to correlate with actual adult Hispanic census population. This poll of 800 Hispanic adults has an accuracy of +/- 3.4% at a 95% confidence interval. Within the sample, 470 of the Hispanic adults are also registered voters. For this subsample the accuracy is +/- 4.5% at a 95% confidence interval.

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