WASHINGTON (September 23, 2013) – With rising healthcare costs a concern, a new poll by McLaughlin & Associates finds strong support among Georgia voters for the proposed Patients Compensation System as a concept to curb healthcare costs, reduce the practice of defensive medicine and give more patients access to justice.

The statewide poll released today, shows by a 3-1 majority, registered voters favor replacing the current medical malpractice system with the proposed PCS. Sixty-one percent favors the idea when they heard the concept would include an independent medical review board of doctors, nurses, hospital administrators and other certified personnel to determine whether negligence had occurred and that claims would be paid in six to nine months.

Seventy-three percent preferred a Patients Compensation System that paid out claims quickly compared to the current protracted legal system that can take up to seven years. Almost two-thirds of all voters said they were more likely to support a candidate who backed this reform.

“Georgians are telling us they want something that will reduce healthcare costs and will compensate patients more quickly and fairly,” said John McLaughlin, founder of the firm. “This should be easy for Georgia lawmakers to embrace “.

Georgia Sen. Brandon Beach introduced Senate Bill 141 which would create a Patients Compensation System and replace Georgia’s current medical malpractice system. It is currently before the Senate Health Committee for a series of hearings this fall.

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