New Poll: Americans Demand Congressional Vote on Iran Deal;

Majority Opposes Presidential Veto

New York – – – – – – As Congress reconvenes from its summer recess their first order of business will be the most important security legislation of the 21st Century – the agreement with Iran on its nuclear program. Already the agreement has a majority of both the Senate and the House in opposition. The President is threatening to veto a Congressional resolution rejecting it. Some of the President’s supporters are now threatening a filibuster in the Senate to protect their re-election chances and the President because Congress would never directly debate or vote on the agreement. Against this backdrop, a new poll finds that more than two thirds of Americans demand Congress to vote on the deal, and a majority opposes a presidential veto.


“This poll underscores what we’re already seeing in the presidential race.” says GOP pollster John McLaughlin. “Americans are angry about Washington. They see it as dishonest and corrupt. Now our President wants to allow the most important security agreement in our lifetime to go into effect without a majority vote of Congress. If even a portion of the voters who told us they would never again vote for a Senator or Congressman who supported this deal stick to that view, there will be severe retribution in November 2016 and 2018. They don’t trust Iran and are going to hold their representatives accountable for American security.”


The survey, conducted jointly by Caddell Associates and McLaughlin & Associates on September 2nd and 3rd, also found that 78 percent wanted Congress to oppose the deal on the grounds that it lifts sanctions and would provide Iran with $100 billion that it can use to finance terror activities. Additionally:

  • 69% of all voters believe that Congress should be required to vote on the Iran deal.
  • Only 34% of Americans would support a presidential veto if Congress votes against the deal.
  • 56% support a Congressional override if the president does veto the deal, including 25% of Democrats.
  • 78% say their Congressman and Senators should oppose the Iran deal because it lifts sanctions and gives Iran $100 billion to finance terror.”
  • 88% say Congress should not approve a deal that let’s Iran inspect its own nuclear sites.
  • 65% say that it’s so important to vote on this agreement that if their Senators tried to stop a vote in Congress they would never vote for them again.
  • 54% say if their Senators or Congressman support they deal, they’re never voting for them again.

“These results provide more evidence that 2016 isn’t going to be a typical election cycle, and should be sober reading for Democrats who are prepared to attempt to shutdown a vote,” said Democrat pollster and strategist Pat Caddell.


The attached survey was conducted on behalf of Secure America Now, and the results and analysis can be viewed at:


Secure America Now is a nonpartisan organization giving voice to millions of  Democrats, Republicans, Independents, conservatives and liberals who share a common concern about American security and liberty. The group’s concerns have led them to create an organization that allows the American people to influence American security and foreign policy.

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