To:      Regulation Alert, Inc.

From: John McLaughlin

Re:      Addendum to Memo of July 17,2015 – National Survey Results – Security Implications

Date: September 14, 2015                                                                                                                               


The concept of exporting U.S. Oil for sale to our allies and friends, like Israel, appears to have broad, bi-partisan support among American voters. This appeal is strong among all parties, Jewish voters and Evangelical Christians.


When voters were asked: “Are you aware or unaware that there exists a historic agreement that guarantees the delivery of oil to Israel in the event that Israel ever loses access to global markets that may occur during a crisis?”, the vast majority of American voters were largely unaware.


Three in four voters, 75%, say that they were unaware that the US guarantees the delivery of oil to Israel in the event of a crisis. Only one in five voters, 20%, claim to be aware.


Only 22% of Republicans, 20% of Democrats and 16% of Independents were aware. Only 21% of Jewish voters and 20% of Evangelical Christians were aware.


Similarly when asked: “Are you aware or unaware that Israel currently receives the majority of its oil from countries like Russia and other former Soviet states, some of which they do not even have formal diplomatic relations with?” Only 22% were aware, 73% were unaware and 6% didn’t know. Among Republicans 24% claimed to be aware, 23% among Democrats and 17% among Independents. Only 26% of Jewish voters and 22% of Evangelicals claimed to be aware.


After we had read those questions we then asked whether they agreed or disagreed with the following statement: “Given the recent tension between President Obama and Prime Minister Netanyahu, exporting U.S. Oil to Israel would once again strengthen diplomatic ties between our two nations.” Among all voters two in three, 67%, agreed. Only 17% disagreed and 15% didn’t know.


Among Republicans 77% agreed; 63% of Democrats and 62% of Independents agreed. 89% of Jewish voters and 73% of Evangelical Christians agreed as well.


Then we asked the following statement: “Exporting U.S. Oil to Israel makes sense in terms of politics, economics and security.” Almost seven in ten, 69%, of all voters agreed. Only 18% disagreed and 14% didn’t know.




Republicans agreed 79%; Democrats 66% and Independents 62%. Among Jewish voters 87% agreed and 75% of Evangelicals agreed.


Finally, as cited in our original July memo, when asked about the impact of the following argument: “Originally the ban was put in place because oil was in short supply due to OPEC. This is no longer the case. Oil is in surplus and this surplus would allow US producers to assist US allies such as the Netherlands, Poland, Belgium, India, Japan, South Korea, Lithuania and Israel”, six in ten, 61%, of all voters were more likely to support lifting the U.S. Oil export ban.


68% of Republicans, 60% of Democrats and 56% of Independents were more likely to support lifting the ban. 48%-18% Jewish voters were more likely and 66%-12% Evangelicals were more likely to support lifting the ban.



Demographic Breakdown  07-13- 2015

Party Total Age Total Race %
Republican 31% 18-29 15% White 71%
Democrat 37% 30-40 19% African American 12%
Independent 31% 41-55 27% Hispanic 11%
Ideology % 56-65 21% Asian 4%
Liberal 29% Over 65 19% Gender %
Moderate 37%     Male 47%
Conservative 33%     Female 53%


Methodology: This national survey of 1,000 likely 2016 general election voters was conducted from July 8th to 13th, 2015.  All interviews were conducted online; survey invitations were distributed randomly within predetermined geographic units. These units were structured to correlate with actual voter turnout in a nationwide general election. This poll of 1,000 likely general election voters has an accuracy of +/- 3.1% at a 95% confidence interval.


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John McLaughlin – (845) 365-2000


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