New Nat’l Poll Measures Americans’ Attitudes on Pursuing Their Dreams For The Ronald Reagan Society Of Eureka College


Today, Eureka College announced the results of its first “American Opportunity Index.” The index gauges attitudes of Americans about their future and the opportunities available to them. Results from the 2016 Index illustrate respondents’ current views on the concept of American Opportunity is at 66 percent of its full potential.


This survey was conducted on behalf The Ronald W. Reagan Society of Eureka College. The results are being released in conjunction with the celebration of Ronald Reagan’s 105th birthday.


It is clear that many voters believe in the concept of freedom and opportunity in America as well as its promise to exist in the future. In other words, voters overwhelmingly believe in Ronald Reagan’s “Shining City on the Hill” and the American Dream. Furthermore, most voters acknowledge America’s “exceptionalism” when comparing the prevalence of this concept with other countries. However, when voters are asked more specifically to evaluate this concept as it relates to previous and future generations, there is more of a divide, with the pessimism skewing towards younger voters. There is also less agreement when it comes to perceptions of our leaders working to ensure that these freedoms and opportunities exist for Americans.


“The results from the survey are fascinating and groundbreaking,” said President & Partner of McLaughlin & Associates, Jim McLaughlin. “We are very excited to help Eureka College launch the first-of-its kind Index on American Opportunity, a value so central to its mission.”


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