In addition to providing conventional live interviews, McLaughlin & Associates also offers Interactive-Voice Response (IVR) technology, commonly known as automated telephone interviewers. Automated interviews can be an effective complement to traditional polling and are most often a more affordable option for campaigns that have more limited financial resources or are in exploratory phases. While these surveys are shorter in length and are limited to landline interviews, they provide important insights. As we do with our live interviewing, quality control measures and standards are monitored meticulously and the survey is consistent in voice, tone and in the questions asked, ensuring that all respondents receive the same information the same way.


Additionally, this technology can be extremely helpful for get-out-the-vote efforts, fundraising and managing and improving your data. Predictive dialing, which uses virtual dialing software, automatically dials telephone numbers and immediately connects respondents to a live representative. This method is much more efficient than using live interviewers or volunteers, as this software eliminates non-working phone numbers and can operate at a much higher frequency.


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