McLaughlinOnline Surveys


For the past 17 years corporate and non-profit organizations have been using us to poll online. More and more as polling online has become more reliable and cost-efficient, we have been proposing and executing online surveys in concert with live interview surveys and focus group research for many successful political campaigns as well. After completing a benchmark study in a district, city, county or state we are capable of conducting more online surveys.  These surveys help identify key demographic groups for micro-targeting and analytics.  If a campaign is capable of providing us with emails, social media contacts and/or cell phones they have accumulated from within the population, we have the ability to invite their entire database and give each a unique link to their own personal survey, and we can then append their responses back to the list that was provided. If the campaign has yet to build a significant voter contact database we can help facilitate the campaign obtaining those contacts as it will not only be valuable for conducting survey research but later for the campaign to disseminate digital communications. Whether the contact list is in the thousands, hundreds of thousands, or even millions, the more emails we are able to send to, the more responses we will be able to accumulate further decreasing the margin of error. Online surveys cost roughly 40% less than surveys using cell phones.


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