National Survey cited in Kudlow’s Corner

A growth message, not natfights, will propel the GOP to November victory The Republican candidates need to speak again to the discontent of the middle class Larry Kudlow | @Larry_Kudlow Friday, 19 Feb 2016 | 11:26 PM Scott Mlyn | CNBC Larry Kudlow In the week leading up to the New Hampshire primary, a… Read

National Review Online: Sanders Up, Hillary Down, and Trump Strong in Latest Poll

Sanders Up, Hillary Down, and Trump Strong in Latest Poll By John McLaughlin & Jim McLaughlin — February 19, 2016 The results of our just-completed national poll of 1,000 likely voters, including a sample of 422 Republican-primary voters and 454 Democratic-primary voters, conducted February 11–17, shows that this election year will be one like no… Read

February National Survey Results

National – Omnibus – 2-17-16 – TOPLINE – Public National – Omnibus – 2-17-16 – X-TABS – Public National – McLaughlin – 2-18-16 Presentation

National Review Online: The Voters are Restless

Polling shows that Trump and Clinton hold national-primary leads in a volatile and upset electorate. By John McLaughlin and Jim McLaughlin The latest results from our national survey of 1,007 likely voters conducted between Thursday, January 14, and Monday, January 18, shows that the voters are very upset and quite unhappy, and they want change.… Read

National Omnibus Survey Results 1-20-16

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