Florida Special Republican Primary Election Winners

McLaughlin & Associates is pleased to offer our congratulations to José Félix Díaz and Daniel Perez on their victories in yesterday’s  special Republican primary elections in South Florida. José Félix Díaz easily won the highly contested Republican nomination in State Senate District 40 in a three-way primary with an impressive 58% of the vote. Daniel Perez won the Republican nomination for House District 116 with… Read

Jerusalem Post: Liberals are turning against the Jewish state

 BY: JOEL C. ROSENBERG Fully 83% of Israelis say they expect Trump to be “pro-Israel,” according to a December poll. The inauguration of US President- elect Donald Trump will mark the first time Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has ever had a Republican to work with in the White House. Bill Clinton was president during Netanyahu’s… Read

National Review Online: The Border Tax is a Bad Idea

The Border Tax Is a Bad Idea It’s a bad deal for consumers as well as producers. By John McLaughlin & Jim McLaughlin — January 19, 2017 Two weeks ago, in an article that we authored for National Review, we stated that economic growth and security have to be the immediate focus of President Trump’s agenda.… Read

National Review Online: How Trump Can Solidify a New Majority Coalition

How Trump Can Solidify a New Majority Coalition He won because of the electorate’s intense desire for change. If he can satisfy that desire, he’ll keep winning going forward. By John McLaughlin & Jim McLaughlin — January 4, 2017 As we enter the first week of 2017, it’s important to put aside some of the… Read