NEW! March 2017 National Survey Reports

To:          All Interested Parties From:    John McLaughlin & Jim McLaughlin Date:     March 20, 2017 Re:         March National Poll Results   PRESIDENT TRUMP’S NEW AMERICAN OPTIMISM NEEDS AN ECONOMIC BOOST   At the White House on the day before St. Patrick’s Day, President Trump hailed a “new optimism” across America. However, the… Read

Fox News Opinion: Are we winning or losing the war with ISIS?

Are we winning or losing the war with ISIS? By Joel C. Rosenberg Published March 16, 2017 President Donald Trump has made the defeat of the Islamic State one of his administration’s top priorities – and rightly so. He has asked the Pentagon for a comprehensive new war plan. On March 22-23, his Secretary… Read

National – Secure America Now – Survey Results – 2-20-17

National – SAN – Memo – Survey findings 2-22-17   National – SAN – 2-20-17 Presentation   National – Monthly Omnibus – 2-20-17 – Topline n1000 – SecureAmericaNow   National – Monthly Omnibus – 2-20-17 – X-Tabs n1000 – SecureAmericaNow